Media Enquiries

I have written or contributed to many articles on general psychiatry and all types of addiction for the national press. I have also written extensively on the psychiatric problems specifically experienced by City workers, including what I call ‘Bonus Anxiety Disorder’. 

My television appearances have included news programmes, documentaries and audience discussion shows.

I am usually unable to appear on television without a minimum of two days’ notice because of my appointment schedule. 

Please note that I am not able to put researchers in contact with any patients and I am not able to refer to any specific patients in interviews.



"Rehab is not a magic black box that you can step into and automatically be cured; all we can do is get people on the pathway called recovery..."
"Alcoholism is not a silly little self-inflicted illness. It is a major problem for the NHS..."
"Stories of heavy boozing, drug-taking, long days and short fuses in the City are legion..."